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AMD GPUOpen software blogs

Our handy software release blogs will help you make good use of our tools, SDKs, and effects, as well as sharing the latest features with new releases.

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AMD GPUOpen Technical blogs

Browse our technical blogs, and find valuable advice on developing with AMD hardware, ray tracing, Vulkan®, DirectX®, Unreal Engine, and lots more.

Featured technical blogs

Work Graphs

GPU Work Graphs in Microsoft DirectX® 12

Our primer on GPU Work Graphs introduces this exciting new paradigm for graphics developers, which enable a live shader kernel to dispatch new workloads on-demand without needing to circle back around to the CPU first.

Introduction – Matrix Compendium

The GPUOpen Matrix Compendium covers how matrices are used in 3D graphics and implementations in host code and shading languages. It’s a growing guide, so keep checking back!

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AMD GPUOpen Unreal Engine Performance Guide

Our one-stop guide to performance with Unreal Engine.

AMD RDNA Performance Guide

Our one-stop resource for getting great AMD RDNA™ performance on Vulkan® and DirectX®12 APIs!

AMD Ryzen Performance Guide

Design faster. Render faster. Iterate faster. Our one-stop resource for getting great AMD Ryzen performance.

AMD GPUOpen Samples

Browse all our useful samples. Perfect for when you’re needing to get started, want to integrate one of our libraries, and much more.

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AMD GPUOpen publications

Discover our published publications.

GPUOpen Manuals

Don’t miss our manual documentation! And if slide decks are what you’re after, you’ll find 100+ of our finest presentations here.

AMD GPUOpen News

Latest news and updates for games and graphics developers from AMD’s GPUOpen.

AMD GPUOpen GPU Architecture Programming Documentation

A repository of AMD Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and Micro Engine Scheduler (MES) firmware documentation

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