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Mesh shaders on AMD RDNA™ graphics cards

Despite the flexibility and performance mesh shading can add to the geometry stage, we find that the technology has not been widely adopted in rendering engines so far. The purpose of this article series is to revisit mesh shading five years after its initial rollout between 2018-2019.

As a result, this blog series aims to demystify mesh shading by providing more detailed explanations, analysis, use-case examples, tutorials, and general advice.

Max Oberberger
Max Oberberger

Max is part of AMD's GPU Architecture and Software Technologies Team. His current focus is GPU work graphs and mesh shader research.

Bastian Kuth
Bastian Kuth

Bastian is a PhD candidate at Coburg University and University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. His research focuses on real-time geometry processing on GPUs.

Quirin Meyer
Quirin Meyer

Before becoming a computer graphics professor at Coburg University, Quirin Meyer obtained a Ph.D. in graphics and worked as a software engineer in the industry. His research focuses on real-time geometry processing primarily on GPUs.

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