glTFSample for Cauldron

glTFSample demonstrates how to use most of Cauldron’s features. It is also a useful reference for getting started with developing your own samples and prototypes.

Many GPUOpen samples were built using glTFSample code as a reference so getting familiar with it will help understand more advanced samples.

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This sample showcases the following Cauldron functionality:

  • Fast GLTF 2.0 file loader.
  • Configurable GBuffer.
  • A simple post-processing pipeline:
    • TAA (now also for Vulkan®).
    • Bloom.
    • HDR/Tonemapping.
  • Multithreaded:
    • Shader compilation.
    • Texture loading.
    • MIP generation.
  • In-app user interface using Dear ImGui.
  • FreeSync™️ Premium Pro HDR support.
  • Benchmarking mode.
  • Config file for configuring different features.

Radeon™ Cauldron Framework

Radeon Cauldron is our open-source experimentation framework for DirectX®12 and Vulkan®, provided in the AMD FidelityFX SDK.



  • A graphics card with Direct3D® 12 and Vulkan® support.
    • For instance, any GCN or AMD RDNA™ based AMD GPU.
  • Windows® 10 (64-bit recommended).
  • Visual Studio® 2019 with Visual C++® and the Windows® 10 SDK installed.

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