AMD Render Pipeline Shaders (RPS) SDK

A comprehensive and extensible Render Graph toolkit.

The Render Pipeline Shaders (RPS) SDK provides a framework for graphics engines to use Render Graphs with explicit APIs (e.g. DirectX® 12 or Vulkan®), with a generally optimal resource barrier and memory aliasing scheduler. Its compiler-like architecture is designed to be both controllable and extensible.

Download the latest version - v1.0

This release adds the following features:

  • Just released!


  • Enables full-frame scheduling and pipelining optimizations.
  • Handles resource barrier generation and batching.
  • Manages transient resources with optional, automatic memory scheduling and aliasing.
  • Allows constructing render graphs implicitly from a high-level description of the frame. Automatically generates and embeds debug info such as resource and pass names.
  • Compiler-like architecture with extensible frontend, backend and graph-processing pipeline.
    • The frontend API allows users to create custom render graph programming interfaces.
    • Provides reference backend implementations for DirectX® 12 and Vulkan®. (A DirectX® 11 backend is also provided for backward compatibility and demonstration purpose).
    • The backend allows partial customization via a set of runtime callback APIs.
    • Users can also build new runtime backends targeting custom API / RHI layers.
  • Tools for visualizing and debugging resource properties, heap layout, and the graph.
    • Exhaustive and optional debug printing.
    • The visualizer can be integrated into applications as a GUI overlay.


Find out more

RPS SDK Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates key RPS SDK API usage, provides an informal introduction to RPSL, and explains how the RPS Render Graph is built.


Development system requirements:

  • Windows® 10 21H2 64bit or newer.
  • Building the SDK requires CMake 3.12.1 or newer and a C++11 compliant compiler.
  • Using only the C-API requires a C99 compliant compiler.

Version history

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