Integrate graphics and display functionality into your applications with the ADLX SDK

ADLX is a modern library and SDK designed to access features and functionality of AMD systems in the categories of Display, 3D graphics, Performance Monitoring, GPU Tuning, and more.

The ADLX SDK is targeted primarily at developers and partners who are creating control and monitor applications.

Download the latest version - v1.2

The ADLX SDK contains the following components:

  • ADLX interface library.
  • Headers.
  • Documentation and code samples.


The ADLX SDK is a fast and easy way to develop differentiated applications that run on AMD systems.

  • Designed with quality and reliability at the core.
  • Compatible with modern programming languages.
  • Forward and backward compatible with AMD drivers.
  • Global state synchronization.
  • Access features and functionality in the areas of Display, 3D graphics, Performance Monitoring, GPU Tuning, and more!

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AMD Device Library eXtra (ADLX) tile

ADLX is a modern library and SDK designed to access features and functionality of AMD systems in the categories of Display, 3D graphics, and more.


  • Windows 10 or later. 32 bit or 64 bit.

Version history

  • Introduction of interface to determine the multi-GPU mode (primary or secondary) of a GPU in the system.
  • Interfaces to report the PCI bus land width and bus type (eg. PCIE 4) of a GPU.
  • ProductName interface
  • New interface to control AMD Smart Access Memory.
  • Added interface to configure SmartShift Max settings.
  • Display Connectivity Experience interface introduced to monitor and tune HDMI and DisplayPort connections.
  • Additional profiles (ie. Dynamic Contrast) added to Display Color Enhancement feature interface.
  • Capability to blank all physical displays.
  • Initial release version


For those looking for documentation on the legacy ADL SDK, you can find it here:

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