AMD FidelityFX Denoiser

AMD FidelityFX™ Denoiser includes specialized spatio-temporal denoisers optimized for specific workloads:

  • Shadow Denoiser: Designed to denoise a shadow mask created from tracing jittered rays towards a single light source.
  • Reflection Denoiser: Designed to remove noise from the result of tracing jittered reflection rays based on surface roughness.


  • DirectX®12.
  • Vulkan®.

Download the latest version

Download the latest version v1.2

This release includes:

Part of the AMD FidelityFX™ SDK

AMD FidelityFX SDK components

Xbox developer?

An example use of AMD FidelityFX Shadow Denoiser exists within the Xbox Game Development Kit samples.



Open source, MIT license

Optimized for Shader Model 6.0+

State-of-the-art algorithm

Shadow Denoiser specific features

  • Spatio-temporal denoiser, specialized for shadow denoising.
  • Tile classifier to skip work on areas without spatial variance in the shadow mask.
  • Increased contribution of spatial filters on low temporal sample counts.
  • Analysis of the local pixel neighborhood to counter ghosting artifacts.

Shadow Denoiser comparison

Shadow Denoiser additional resources

Head over to our Hybrid Shadows sample to see the Shadow Denoiser in action.

Reflection Denoiser features

  • High performance spatio-temporal denoiser, specialized for reflection denoising.
  • Tile Classifier to skip non reflective areas.
  • Variable Rate Traversal: From full rate for mirror reflections down to quarter rate for glossy reflections.
  • Temporal Variance Guided Tracing.


  • Classifier pass for reflection rays and denoiser tiles.
  • Spatial filter pass.
  • Temporal reprojection pass.
  • Gaussian blur.

Reflection Denoiser comparison

How the Reflection Denoiser works

1. Noisy reflection input
2. Spatial resolve
3. Temporal resolve
4. Gaussian blur

Reflections Denoiser additional resources

Head over to AMD FidelityFX SSSR to see the Reflections Denoiser in action.

Useful information

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All part of the FidelityFX SDK!

AMD FidelityFX SDK

AMD FidelityFX™ SDK

The AMD FidelityFX SDK is our easy-to-integrate solution for developers looking to include FidelityFX features into their games.

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